Members of our association share a set of core values that are designed to help us achieve our goal of furthering the growth, availability and adoption of cloud communications.  These values include:

Openness – Members of the Cloud Communications Alliance meet with their peers from around the country to support each other in ways that only other cloud communications providers would understand.

Ethical Conduct – Members must agree to conduct themselves in an ethical fashion such as to ensure the public of high standards in all dealings with our association.

Honesty – Members are committed to dealing in an honest fashion at all times with our customers and suppliers.

Respect for Others and Other Points of View – Our association is all about diversity. We WANT to hear views from all corners of the hosted communications industry.  We want to be able to test our assumptions and force us to deliver the best possible services to our customers.

Thriftiness – Members of the Cloud Communications Alliance collectively support our members and sponsors. This support enables all of our members to benefit by receiving the best prices and services from our sponsors.

Awareness of the Power of the Cloud – Members are dedicated to making the public aware of the “Power of the Cloud” and what cloud communications means to businesses today.  We are cloud communications evangelists.

Best Practices – Members are committed to sharing best practices with each other.  Doing so serves all by furthering our industry and providing customers with the best possible services and solutions.