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Vonage Granted First New Patent for Nexmo API Platform

HOLMDEL, N.J., Dec. 13, 2016 — Vonage (NYSE: VG), a leading provider of Cloud Communications for Business, was recently granted its first patent for Nexmo since acquiring the company in June 2016. Vonage now owns 146 U.S. patents, with nearly 200 U.S. patent applications pending, along with many foreign patents and pending applications in jurisdictions worldwide.

Nexmo, the Vonage API platform, enables developers to embed programmable text, chat and voice communications contextually into apps, websites and business systems to help enterprises create deeper engagement with customers.

The newly-issued patent (U.S. Pat. No. 9,485,169) covers Vonage’s proprietary Adaptive Routing™ solution, providing users with improved deliverability, latency, and stability when using Nexmo contextual communications services to send and receive text messages.

Adaptive Routing and a unique direct-to-carrier network of more than 1,000 carriers enable the Nexmo platform to continuously monitor multiple available routes for delivering text messages, and to select the best route among multiple options based on real-time, relative performance data of each route. The Nexmo platform processes more than 60 million data points per month based not only on traditional carrier-provided delivery receipts, but also on delivery confirmations provided by actual end users, leading to a more robust understanding of end-to-end performance and, ultimately, optimization of SMS delivery.

“For enterprise customers that rely on the immediacy of contextual communications to seamlessly connect with users, Vonage’s Adaptive Routing solution provides higher quality communications than is available without this technology,” said Tony Jamous, President of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. “Vonage has access to multiple carriers and networks over which to deliver contextual communications solutions. This provides us with a unique advantage for Vonage’s Adaptive Routing algorithms to redirect traffic via the optimal route, finding the best path for text messaging based on the automated and real-time collection of route performance data. It’s like GPS for SMS.”

ZALORA, Asia’s leading online fashion retail destination, partnered with Nexmo as it needed a reliable global SMS solution that would deliver SMS with speed and accuracy to enhance the customer shopping experience. In many countries where ZALORA does business, SMS is often the only way to connect to customers in real time. ZALORA uses SMS to provide customers with reliable transaction, order and delivery updates, as well as to implement effective marketing campaigns to drive new business.

“Because the deliverability is so high with Nexmo’s SMS API solution, ZALORA has seen a significant uplift, both in terms of increased revenue and traffic to our website. SMS is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ it’s an expectation from our customers. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in customer communications with Nexmo,” said Alicia Teo, Customer Experience Manager for ZALORA.

Johanan Choo, Senior CRM System Analyst for ZALORA, added, “SMS provides great value as it informs our customers in a very timely manner about deals. Having one touchpoint for our centralized marketing outreach is very efficient. Nexmo’s SMS API provides better visibility into our marketing spend, which helps our marketing team create more strategic, cost-conscious marketing decisions.”

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