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Zilkr helps cloud communications providers deepen customer relationships

As with all technology products and services, cloud communications can become a commodity. When this occurs, the service provider simply looses the ability to set a price apart from the market set price. To make matters worse, price driven churn, the race to the bottom, drives up the cost of finding new customers. Omar Paul of Zilkr reports that his company can not only help companies retain customers and build a brand, but that he can help companies monetize new opportunities. Zilkr is a platfrom for APIs. Among many possibilities for developers, and carriers, Zilkr enables voice and video calls for apps such as Slack. Zilkr also allows cloud carriers to customize and deepen the solutions they offer each customer to the point that a customer will view the service as integral and will be disinclined to be lured by the low price game, thus allowing for better customer retention and for new opportunities. We spoke with Paul right after Paul was on a panel regarding the impact of CPaaS on UN business models, hosted by the Cloud Communications Alliance at their New York conference last week.


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