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888VoIP offers customized value-added flexibility to the channel, Podcast

September 16, 2022

“Bring us what you have, bring us your questions, bring us your scenario,” says 888VoIP Advanced Solutions Practice Director, Joe LaBella. “And then work with us as a value-added reseller.” In this podcast, LaBella discusses a refreshed process of meeting the needs of the channel and their customers. LaBella describes a process where 888VoIP offers curated solutions to for each customer, with the understanding that each challenge is unique. “It’s more of a solution sale instead of a cookie cutter.” 888VoIP has a deep relationship with major brands and offers a wide variety of solutions, but we learn that the company will often offer a multi-vendor proposal, again, carefully matching the challenges to finding the best solutions. 888VoIP offers a lot of outreach on their products. Yealink’s New Conference Phone Series, the CP9X5 was recently featured in a webinar, and 888VoIP is a major source for the Yealink line.



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