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Adamo activates high speed Internet in the Begonte council

November 20, 2020
  • The operator begins the deployment of the fastest fiber optic on the market (1,000 Mbps) in the municipality of Lugo.
  • The company connects 25,000 new homes in the country every month despite the coronavirus.
  • Adamo already has 10,000 kilometers of its own network and offers service in 600 locations.

Begonte – November 18, 2020 – Adamo arrives at the Begonte council. The operator, as usual, lands with high-speed Internet. Specifically, the company makes the fastest fiber optic available in the telecommunications market (1,000 Mbps) available to residents of the Lugo town .

Agreement with the Council of Begonte

The company has the collaboration of the Begonte City Council, which at all times facilitates the work of Adamo technicians. In fact, a company and municipal institution formalized an agreement a few days ago to carry out this network deployment. The support of the local authority was also evident in the presentation of Adamo’s service, which was attended by José Ulla Rocha, mayor of Begonte, as well as David Llano, the company’s regional delegate in the area.

The coronavirus does not stop the expansion of Adamo

In this way, the operator’s growth rate is hardly influenced by the emergence of COVID-19: the telecommunications operator brings fiber optics to 25,000 new homes per month in Spain despite the coronavirus.

Advantages of Adamo Fiber Optics

In this sense, it should be noted that current times – marked by the pandemic – require telecommunications operators to be able to meet the enormous demand that exists for a quality Internet connection. For this, as already mentioned, Adamo offers the fastest optical fiber on the market (1,000 Mbps), which translates into being able to telecommute with a stable connection, maintain videoconferences without interruptions, and be closer to family and friends who live far away. , buy through the Internet, have the possibility to access education remotely or watch series or enjoy video games online, among other options.

The same opportunities for rural areas

The telecommunications company continues its support for connectivity in rural areas. In this sense, Adamo’s commitment is clear: to bring fiber optics to all corners of the region, also to historically forgotten environments. Hence, the company has become the benchmark operator in rural areas, offering service in towns and areas where others do not reach. An example of this philosophy is the case of Begonte, since the municipality has a population of just over 3,000 inhabitants.

An expansion plan worth 250 million

This is possible thanks to an ambitious expansion plan that reaches 250 million euros, the results of which are the already 10,000 kilometers of Adamo’s own network and having the necessary technology to connect the rural world, thanks to which Adamo already offers service in 600 municipalities throughout the country.

Adamo collaborates in establishing population in rural areas

In this way, the operator collaborates with the development and stabilization of the rural population, thus favoring the competitiveness of those areas that have been losing inhabitants to make them an attractive option to live. At this juncture it is essential not to leave anyone behind. Both those who already reside in villages, towns and small cities and those who, due to circumstances, choose to move to a smaller municipality.

Adamo Fiberhood

With the precise aim of providing high-speed fiber optics to the most remote areas, the company has an innovative tool: Adamo Fiberhood . It is a system through which, only with the joint request of 30 neighbors through a simple website, it is enough for the company to deploy fiber optics in their municipality. In this way, Fiberhood is positioned as one of the key instruments that allows Adamo to reach places that other operators cannot.


Adamo, based in Barcelona, ​​is an operator with a national vocation, but with a regional and local business focus. Present in the Spanish market since 2007, the company gives priority to rural areas and new urban areas with a high population density by providing the fastest optical fiber on the market (1,000 Mbps). EQT, which represents 80% of Adamo, supports its current expansion plan, recently boosted with 250 million euros. Thanks to having its own infrastructure, in addition to the Internet, it provides customers with fixed and mobile telephony, as well as services for the business and wholesale market. More information on their website

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