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Advanced Methods to Target and Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls

September 08, 2020

In its continuing advocacy for our members, CCA recently submitted comments to the FCC urging that it require providers that inadvertently block or mislabel legitimate calls to notify the caller and its service provider.  Prompt notification will allow providers and callers whose calls are inadvertently blocked to trigger redress mechanisms that the FCC recently established.  CCA’s comments also propose reasonable steps for the agency to consider as it formulates rules requiring providers to mitigate unlawful traffic on their networks.  These comments are part of the CCA’s ongoing effort to ensure that measures to combat robocalls, such as implementation of STIR/SHAKEN, traceback processes, and broad authority to block calls, do not discriminate against competitive service providers and their customers.

A copy of the filing can be found here:

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