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bOnline focusses on the micro-business market, Podcast

April 14, 2021

“Their needs are very different,” says Anthony Karibian, Founder & CEO of bOnline. bOnline, a company that recently joined the CCA, focusses on the “micro-business” community of companies that have one to five users. Karibian says that this segment has needs that is different even in comparison to small companies of ten or more. In this CCA onboarding podcast, Karibian discusses his company’s new platform which enables these very small firms to get up and running in minutes with a very affordable service which brings together voice with up-to-date mobile apps and much more. Karibian describes his market as high touch, where customers need hand holding, and yet at the same time, low-cost structures. We learn how bOnline has custom built a platform that meets these challenging needs. Karibian points out how his firm is also attracting people who have tried to mount their firm using only mobile devices, and how his service enables these customers to offer a professional level of customer experiences that exceed what these firms can do with mobile only, and yet do so at a price that matches the needs of one- or two-person shop. Speaking of his micro-business niche focus, Karibian says that there’s lots of room for growth.

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