Braidio, BroadSource, Radisys, Vonage at CPaaS Showcase, CCA Podcast Series, Part 5

January 11, 2023

Cloud Connections 2023 CPaaS Showcase

“People should not have to be telecom engineers,” says Adnan Saleem, CTO, Software and Cloud Solutions at Radisys Corporation. In this podcast, Saleem lays out the Radisys approach to CPaaS, which he will be presenting at the upcoming CPaaS Showcase at Cloud Connections 2023. Saleem is joined by Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner of the CPaaSAA who will be both hosting and judging the event. Previous episodes of this series include Clark Peterson and Evan Kirstel, who will also be hosting and judging the showcase.

Saleem outlines what he describes as the fundamental principles of CPaaS architecture and links them to the idea of delivering real world breakthrough solutions with much on the underlying complexity drained from process by CPaaS. Saleem tells us that CPaaS holds the promise opening the doors to many new ideas and people. One of the things that we will see from Radisys are approaches that will enable people without deep and direct telecom experience to begin to design and invent new solutions and introduce new ideas.

Kevin Nethercott

Adnan Saleem

In this podcast series and at the CPaaS Showcase we will not only learn about the importance of this technology but the larger transformative picture of how this technology is set to revolutionize the way people communicate by voice, by video and much more.


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