CCA Code of Conduct


To be a member of the Cloud Communications Alliance is to be more than a leader in technology. It is to be a leader in ethical business.

Cloud Communications Alliance Code of Ethics

Members of the Cloud Communications Alliance (the “CCA”) have pledged to honor and abide by the Code of Ethics (the “Code”) to ensure the public of high standards in all dealings with CCA Members.

The CCA seeks to enforce the Code through an Ethics Committee consisting of members of the CCA Board of Directors, which considers alleged violations and renders Sanctions, including suspension or expulsion from the CCA.

The Code reflects the dedication of the Members of the CCA to maintain the highest level of ethics and responsibility in their relationship with the public, other members of the industry and customers.

The Code

Members of the CCA agree to the following:

Article 1

To maintain and enforce high standards of ethical professional conduct making Membership in the CCA a recognized mark of experience, integrity and competence.

Article 2

To regard as confidential all information concerning the business and affairs of the customer.

Article 3

To conduct business in a manner which brings credit to and enhances the reputation of the cloud communications industry.

Article 4

To publicize products and services in a professional manner, avoiding all conduct, practices and promotions likely to discredit the industry.

Article 5

To broaden public understanding and enhance confidence in cloud communications so that customers and users will be encouraged to use Member products and services as their primary resource.

Article 6

In keeping with these principles, Members of the CCA make the following pledge:

a) To follow through and complete any agreement made verbally or otherwise to any CCA Member or non-member, prospect or customer.

b) To conclude a transaction in a competent and professional manner once the parties have agreed to complete a specific transaction.

c) To refrain from disparaging others by statement or innuendo.

d) To respond to any complaint alleging violation of the Code and participate in all proceedings prescribed by the CCA Board of Directors.


The Ethics Committee reviews infractions of the Code with regard to ethical behavior and the integrity of its Members. Members found in violation of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and/or expulsion from the CCA.

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The Cloud Communications Alliance is a peer association dedicated to the growth of industry. We provide the forum industry leaders need to discuss key topics and advance their mutual or individual goals.

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