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CCA Expands To Europe: This is an opportunity

September 28, 2014

As the Cloud Communications Alliance seeks to expand to new markets, it has appointed Rob Kurver to the board as CCA VP, Europe. The position is new, and Kurver is the first board member from the EU.
In this podcast, Kurver outlines his goals at the outset of his board tenure. Kurver offers US based CCA members guidance in entering the somewhat complex, yet very promising European market. At the same time, Kurver will be working to build the CCA’s footprint on the continent.
Kurver, who resides in the Netherlands, brings over 10 years Hosted Voice and Unified Communications experience to help technology and service providers successfully commercialize their solutions. Currently operating White Rabbit, Kurver founded Voipro International, one of the leading hosted voice providers in The Netherlands. Today Kurver’s White Rabbit offer support to cloud companies ranging from strategy consulting to practical business development, marketing and sales. Kurver is a frequent writer and speaker on cloud industry matters.
Listen to the podcast.

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