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Cisco lines up wins for partners in key growth areas, mobility, new workspace and CX, Podcast

June 08, 2023

Cisco sees channel partner sales growth through meeting emerging needs of customers in hybrid, mobile and CX, EX focused era, Cisco Live 2023 Podcast

“By 2025, 75% of all desks won’t have a phone on them,” says Kristyn Hogan, Vice President, Global Collaboration Partner Sales at Cisco. While Cisco continues to deliver phones and end points for their many utilizations, Cisco is partnering with AT&T to add to the channel’s mobility story and meet enterprise demand. Hogan thinks that if you match up emerging customer needs, along with wider portfolio offerings, channels can grow sales. In this podcast, Hogan looks at three tectonic shifts in the needs of the enterprise as the places where channels can match needs: reimagining work, reimagining the workplace, and maximizing CX.

We learn how the newly announced WebEx Go with AT&T, places all the thing enterprises are asking for their team members, right into the phone in their pocket. The new service will allow people to do all their calling from one device, not two, and use their native dialer to do business calls. Hogan discusses “Catch Me Up”, which will allow users to quickly catch up on missed interactions, including meetings, calling, chats and more, by using Generative AI and a larger migration of customers to cloud, “… in lock step with our channel partners”. Hogan walks us through new Cisco offerings creating video immersive experiences, a part of reimaging the office.



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