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CloudFone creates a revolution in Salesforce telephony with Twilio integration

June 30, 2011
CloudFone creates a revolution in Salesforce telephony with Twilio integration

Cloud Fone is a 100% native application powered by Twilio’s cloud telephony platform

06.28.2011– 28 June, 2011, San Francisco, CA-Mansa Sytems launches CloudFone, a unique cloud telephony solution for Salesforce users, powered by Twilio. CloudFone is an AppEexchange application developed by Mansa Systems using cloud telephony technology that provides voice communication integrated into enterprise workflows while sent over internet, instead of using traditional phone lines.
“Availability of data and software anywhere there is an active internet connection has been the key reason for higher adoption of Salesforce CRM, thinking the same we conceptualized CloudFone. Since a large number of companies are looking for alternatives to employees working at the office and increasing number of employees on the go; making up a mobile workforce. CloudFone acts like a virtual secretary to them”, says Siva Devaki CEO and founder of Mansa Systems.
CloudFone leverages the Twilio platform that provides an open interface for businesses to build scalable and reliable communication applications. CloudFone provides Click-to-Call, Call-to-Lead and Call-to-Case features for Salesforce users.

  • Click-to-Call provides the users’ to dial any phone number in Salesforce from Account, Lead or Contact directly.
  • Call-to-Lead prompts the Salesforce lead owner to initiate a call with the prospect whenever a new lead is created.
  • Call-to-Case prompts the case owner to initiate a call with the customer whenever a new case is created. Additionally, whenever a case gets resolved, CloudFone makes a call to the customer saying that “Your case has been resolved”.
  • CloudFone ensures that no business opportunity from Salesforce is missed and users stay close to their contacts all time which has a definitive positive impact on business.

CloudFone is offered for FREE for the initial set of customers.
You can learn more about CloudFone at
You can contact Mansa Systems team at

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