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Consent Farms are Tricking Consumers into Unknowingly Agreeing to Receive Far More Robocalls Than They Bargained For, iconectiv Podcast

November 01, 2023

Aptly named consent farms are aiding fraudsters by tricking consumers into unknowingly consenting to receive robocalls. This ruse often comes in the form of calls or text messages offering fake sales, prizes or job offers. In this podcast, Chris Drake, Senior Vice President at iconectiv, tells us how his company is helping regulators address the problem and enable ways for consumers to receive trusted calls and texts.

“The big issue here is that consent farms are luring people to their websites with fake promises,” says Drake. “They send text messages saying you’ve won a sweepstakes, or you look like the ideal candidate for this job, but these are likely all scams. Even if the lure is not a scam, the consumer has now made it onto many more consent lists than they intended.”

iconecitv is a trusted partner of the communications ecosystem, dedicated to keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing. This includes making sure incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages are verified and identified, and that communications service providers can trust the information in their systems and network, and ultimately, operate as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

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