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Contact Center Realities and the Autonomous Customer Journey, Podcast

March 31, 2021

The pandemic really has mobilized us into a more digital way of life and the contact center is now the face of the brand, with the agent as the brand ambassador. Stands to reason organizations are investing not just in customer facing technology but also agent retention technologies. If organizations are going to deliver the outcomes consumers desire, they need to let consumers communicate to resolution on their preferred choice of channels, while keeping context along with providing more help online. But Current contact center tech is falling short of their needs, just like consumers, agents would also like their contact center experience to be easier. Complexity of the agent interface directly affects productivity and the experience delivered. The Nirvana oc CX is Autonomous service which focuses on the customer journey and is enabled by machine learning and built centrally around a journey rather than a transaction. Autonomous service offers contextual answers and this journey-centric strategy is a shift away from older, channel-first strategies and is a more holistic approach to service. In this podcast, we will discuss the realities of how far along we are on the autonomous customer journey along with a state of the union of each channel usage today in the contact center.



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