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Conversational Data & How We deliver it to Businesses and Government, Podcast

May 04, 2022

“If you think about how we communicate today and the convergence of technology, it’s said that around 80% of calls are augmented with digital – which means the types of calls we make are for the most part quite deliberate and full of contextually rich information. Meaning the type of conversations that hold meaningful data. We call that data, Conversational Data,” says Adrian Di Pietrantonio, the EVP of Global Platforms & Partners at Dubber.

In part 1 in this 4 part series, you will learn more about how conversational data is captured and analyzed to produce critical insights for customers which directly impact Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Productivity, and Compliance just to name a few. Adrian walks us through how Dubber’s technology uniquely brings this data to life and how Service and Solution providers are embedding Dubber’s technology into their networks and solutions, further empowering their customers.

Dubber is the world’s leading unified call and conversation recording platform (UCR) inside over 170 leading Service Provider networks & communications solutions globally. Provisioned with a click, UCR enables voice data to be generated from every conversation – voice, video, and chat – and delivered to Dubber’s infinitely scalable Voice Intelligence Cloud where AI, NLP, and machine learning create insights, intelligence, beautiful transcriptions, and more.


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