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Edge E Series Poly and the future of phones, Poly Podcast

September 06, 2022

Just in time for the wave of workers expected to return to office this fall, Poly has introduced the new Edge E Series of phones, designed to embrace the new office standard for hybrid work. With analysts forecasting that almost half of workers will be hybrid, the Edge E Series is the answer to IT decision makers’ questions on how to adjust to new standards while maximizing in-office and remote over time in the phone market, productivity. Today we’re joined by John Lamarque, Senior Vice President, and General Manager of Poly’s Voice Collaboration & Professional Headset Business Unit, to talk about this innovative technology and the future of hybrid work.

Lamarque reflects on the many changes that have occurred over time in the phone market. Two decades ago, the soft client posed the same type of replacement that smartphones have today, for the desktop phone. Yet despite all of those predictions, we are told on this podcast that demand for the news Edge E Series is actually running ahead of supply. Lamarque makes the case that desktop phones are a great investment and form a part of the approach to a refreshed office environment that welcomes back workers for hoteling and other uses.


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