CCA / Netaxis Inspiration Day

Once again, Cloud Communications Alliance is partnering with Netaxis for and exclusive, invite only 2-day event at the Hilton Old Town in Antwerp.

Day one is hosted by CCA and includes an afternoon of discussion and analysis on a range of subjects including international regulatory issues.  Plus this will be a great opportunity for networking with global service providers and vendors. There is also an exclusive cocktail party to unwind while continuing to share and learn from your peers.

Day two brings the return of Inspiration Day, hosted by Netaxis. Hear from technical experts, market analysts, and commercial gurus and another chance to network with your peers and potential new partners.  There will be distinct commercial and technical conference tract to insure all attendees get the most out of the event.



Jun 07 2023 - Aug 07 2023


1:30 pm - 6:45 pm