What A Year It’s Been!


Clark Peterson- CCA Chairman

Joe Marion- CCA President

Matt Townend, Cavell Group

Mike Tessler, True North Advisory

Michael Quinn, Q Advisors

Jonathan Marashlian, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC

Sanjay Srinivasan- Vonage

Chris Lee- Cloud Age Solutions

Steve Bock- Subsentio

Elka Popova-  Frost & Sullivan

Chakra DeValla, tekVizion

Thom Singer

Online Virtual Meeting

December 9, 12pm ET

Upcoming events

What A Year It’s Been!

Speakers: Clark Peterson, Joe Marion, Matt Townend, Michael Quinn, Jonathan Marashlian, Sanjay Srinivasan, Chris Lee, Steve Bock, Elka Popova, Chakra DeValla, and Thom Singer.

Online Virtual Meeting

December 9, 12pm ET

Past Virtual Events

Social Tightening in a Social Distancing Environment

Speakers: Thom Singer

Online Virtual Meeting

April 15, 12pm ET

Managing Through Tightness in the Debt Market and Liquidity Issues

Speakers: Michael Quinn​

Online Virtual Meeting

April 22, 12pm ET

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Cloud Comms Market?

Speakers: Matt Townend​

Online Virtual Meeting

April 29, 12pm ET

Talking to Your Customer – Data Intelligence

Speakers: Michael Tessler, Tim Delisle​

Online Virtual Meeting

May 13, 12pm ET

Talking to Your Customer – Security

Speakers: Michael Tessler

Online Virtual Meeting

May 27, 12pm ET

Best Practices for Voice Fraud Mitigation

Speakers: Chris Lee, Mark Lindsey

Online Virtual Meeting

June 10, 12pm ET

Stack ’em Up – Building UCaas, CCaaS, CPaaS and Video into a Common Stack

Speaker: Sanjay Srinivasan

Online Virtual Meeting

June 17, 12pm ET

Revenue Opportunities in a Hosted World

Speaker: Jonathan Lieberman

Online Virtual Meeting

July 15, 12pm ET

Life-saving Public Safety Case Studies

Speaker: Steve Bock

Online Virtual Meeting

July 29, 12pm ET

Differentiate your UCaaS Solutions

Speaker: Elka Popova

Online Virtual Meeting

August 12, 12pm ET

Tap Into Business Opportunities Through Accessibility Solutions

Speakers: Suzy Rosen Singleton​​, Michal Nowicki, Darrin Caddes

Online Virtual Meeting

October 1, 1pm ET

Cloud Comms Summit 2020


Online Virtual Meeting

September 16 and 17, 2020 

Key Trends Driving the New M&A Landscape

Speakers: Gerry DeHaven​, Michael Quinn, Dmitry Netis

Online Virtual Meeting

October 21, 12pm ET

Your Philanthropic Image

Speaker: David Cuthbert​

Online Virtual Meeting

November 4, 12pm ET

How COVID Will Change the Enterprise Communications Market

Speaker: Phil Edholm

Online Virtual Meeting

November 18, 12pm ET

past events

CCA Meeting

Muiden, Netherlands | June 2019

CCA Meeting

Munich, Germany | December 2018

CCA Meeting Broadsoft Connections

Florida | 2018

Cloud Comms Summit

Virginia | 2018

CCA Meeting

Tel Aviv, Israel | 2017

CCA Meeting Broadsoft Connections

Berlin, Germany | 2017

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