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Grupo Puigfel renews its communications infrastructures with Sarenet

June 14, 2019

12 June 2019 in RedesTelecom

The specialist in construction services and improves the quality and capacity of its private network and implements a new professional Wi-Fi. In addition, it outsources part of its data center to that of the operator.

Grupo Puigfel , an integral provider of construction services with almost 60 years of experience in the market, has entrusted Sarenet with the realization of a large-scale project that includes the improvement of its communications infrastructure at the voice and data level , and the transfer of all your services to the cloud.

Founded in 1962 and headquartered in the town of Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona), Puigfel Group integrates a total of six companies whose activity covers a large part of the needs related to the field of construction, from rental of machinery for excavations and demolitions; until the collection, recycling and management of construction waste; quarrying; documentary management of waste, or the manufacture and sale of construction materials, aggregates or ceramic fabrics, among others. The constant expansion of its services, the export of its products to the whole world and the continuous integration of methods respectful with the environment, have been key factors in the important growth of the company.

Precisely this growth, the need to unify and simplify their communications systems and their commitment to technological innovation to adapt their operations to the requirements of the hyperconnected economy, is what has led the organization to renew its infrastructure and make the leap to cloud . For this, they had to have powerful and reliable systems, which will connect their headquarters and the different work centers with full guarantees of security and permanent availability, respecting, in addition, the specific needs of each of the venues.

To professionalize the Wi-Fi network to offer access to it in all its centers , to manage voice communications from a virtual switchboard with the capacity to connect the 7 centers, or to have a secure cloud integrated into its own network, were other the requirements to advance in the digital transformation of the organization, always taking into account the application of technologies that would allow to gain competitiveness and profitability.

The solution implemented

To cover the needs of the firm, Sarenet has set up a customized MPLS network among its 7 sites , with backup lines of other technologies on which to automatically switch traffic, thus guaranteeing the connection in the event of a fall of the first line. . In addition, it has deployed an approved Wi-Fi network with professional devices over this MPLS network. Thanks to the new infrastructure, the organization has a network and robust and latest generation backup options that provide reliability, stability, speed and total availability to the organization, eliminating possible connectivity problems and complying with the strictest security parameters.

The company has also replaced the traditional telephone system with a high-end IP service with new features , along with a voice service with QoS that ensures the quality of calls. At the same time, it has equipped the Group with a state- of-the-art virtual switchboard that has 57 extensions and brings together the 7 headquarters of the group. This renewal of the telephony system fulfills a dual function, since on the one hand it unifies and gives higher quality to voice communications, while on the other it contributes important cost savings in maintenance costs of the system.

“Making a communications provider migration and a telephony portability are perhaps one of the most critical changes to be undertaken by any company, but with adequate planning and support, and getting a communications infrastructure of trust, it is worth facing it”, points out Andreu Domènech Moragas, ICT manager of Grupo Puigfel . “Therefore, we have not hesitated to make this change with Sarenet, who has also shown proactivity, closeness and involvement throughout the project, showing agility in execution and great ability to resolve unexpected events, qualities that we consider key in a partner. “

On the other hand, the powerful technological infrastructure of the operator and the fact of having own data centers and adapted to meet the highest security requirements and availability of permanent access have been decisive aspects for Puigfel Group will also opt for this supplier for the phase of the project that required to lodge two of its servers in the own CPD of the Basque signature,counting on technical support and 24×7 surveillance.

Meanwhile, to undertake the migration to the cloud of all data and applications of the group, we have opted for a cloud connection with dedicated link and configured in high availability with a bandwidth of 50 Mb , so that the cloud acts as an extension more than the MPLS network, which always guarantees the lowest possible latency when connecting to your servers.

All this process has allowed Grupo Puigfel to be better prepared to respond to the new challenges and demands of the market, streamlining its infrastructure without reducing the quality of its services. In addition, and thanks to the new monitoring tools it has, and the proximity and easy access of resources from the cloud, the organization has managed to minimize the problems by providing a real-time solution to the incidents when they occur.

“We are very satisfied with the result of this project, because the new communications infrastructure gives us confidence and tranquility,” says Domènech, who stresses that “there are also two aspects to highlight in this process that have been key in the entire implemented solution: the first, the ease with which Sarenet programmed the migration of services, and the second, also fundamental, the permanent and “in situ” support provided by its technicians during migration and portability “.

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