Inference Studio 6.0 Includes Support for Google Dialogflow NLP and IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

SAN FRANCISCO–Inference Solutions, a global provider of Intelligent Virtual Agents for sales and service organizations, today announced general availability of Studio 6.0, which enables service providers to bring a new and more advanced class of service to market. This latest iteration of Inference Studio, which integrates the most advanced natural language processing (NLP) and Conversational AI technologies from Google and IBM, helps businesses eliminate complex IVR menus and elevates the customer experience beyond simple speech-enabled, directed dialog systems.

“Adoption by a growing number of businesses is accelerating because the accuracy of core Natural Language Understanding resources has made great strides in the past year,” says Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “Companies and their customers are becoming more comfortable conversing with Intelligent Virtual Agents.”

Inference’s Virtual Agents are resold by over 35 telecommunications carriers around the world to businesses of all sizes. Businesses served by Inference’s partners can now deploy self-service applications using NLP to streamline the automated support process by dramatically simplifying the customer interaction. Inference Studio 6.0 also helps businesses reduce costs by increasing the percentage of live agent tasks that can be automated.

“With almost half of U.S. households using smart speakers, and hundreds of millions of users now accustomed to speaking to all types of smart devices, consumers now expect a similar experience when contacting their favorite brands for service,” said Armen Martirosyan, CEO at BluIP. “We’re now using the NLP capabilities of Studio 6.0 to help our customers deliver that type of advanced, highly conversational, self-service experience.”

Inference Solutions CEO Callan Schebella offered further perspective on the growing customer preference for automated support, “Customers no longer want to play a game of ’20 questions’ when speaking with a virtual agent. Studio 6.0 makes it possible to field open-ended prompts such as ‘How can I help you today?’ or ‘Please tell me the reason for your call.’ This sophisticated interaction greatly reduces the time and frustration associated with traditional automated support, enabling businesses to resolve customer inquiries more efficiently than ever before.”

Studio 6.0 recently earned a Gold Stevie Award for best new version of an IVR Solution at the 13th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service gala at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV. Attendees at next week’s Enterprise Connect can request a private demo here. To learn more about Natural Language and Studio 6.0, sign up for tomorrow’s webinar featuring Inference CEO Callan Schebella and Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. Or visit to learn more about Studio 6.0.

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