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Intelliverse Provides Automated Support

February 29, 2012
Intelliverse Provides Automated Support

Intelliverse Provides Automated Support for Prepaid Services Market

Cloud-Based Suite of Services Provides Companies With Hosted IVR and ACD Solutions
Intelliverse, a cloud-based communications provider for enterprises, today announced its hosted solution for the Prepaid Services market. Prepaid Service providers are increasingly looking to provide the best customer service possible to cardholders without experiencing increasing costs in their call centers for routine transactions like checking balances, activating cards/plans, transferring funds, and reloads. Intelliverse’s integrated cloud-based suite of services blends all of the front-end call routing of its Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with the backend call queuing of its Automated Call Distribution (ACD) solution.
With increasing competition in this market, providers are looking for ways to reduce call center costs and increase customer satisfaction. Intelliverse’s solution for Prepaid Services offers these organizations a way to differentiate their business with first-class customer service and self-service options. These solutions automate routine requests such as balance inquiries, activations, and reloads eliminating the need for additional call center resources. If further assistance is requested, callers are quickly connected to the most qualified agent.
“Cardholders placing calls to prepaid companies are looking for access to instant, personalized information such as their current card balance, last reload date, and transaction history as well as more advanced functionality such as activating new cards, establishing a PIN and recharging balances,” said Larry DiBiase, Senior VP of Sales at Intelliverse. “Much of this can be done automatically with Intelliverse’s solution. There is also the option to transfer to live sales and support agents in a call center by integrating our cloud-based ACD service into the solution.”
“Our solution is a natural fit for the Prepaid Services market,” said Kevin M. Moran, President and CEO of Intelliverse. “We work closely with companies to develop a flexible, user-initiated solution that delivers a higher level of service and increased flexibility and control — all while reducing overall customer contact costs.”
Intelliverse’s suite of solutions for the Prepaid Services market includes:

  • Customer Management Line – Provide callers with self-service functionalities for the activities which do not require agent interaction & skills-based routing when agent assistance is requested.
  • Automatic Call Distribution – Manage call center resources and accommodate seasonal or changing call volumes while ensuring that customers are being helped in a timely manner.
  • Outbound Communications Line – Schedule or trigger outbound marketing campaigns and urgent messages to customers via phone, text or email.
  • Reporting Suite – Gain insight into customer interactions with Intelliverse’s On-Demand and Historical Reports.


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