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Jabra offers full set of conferencing and headset solutions at Enterprise Connect 2023, Podcast

April 05, 2023

Michelle Ritz, Product Marketing Manager, North America at Jabra discusses with TR’s Doug Green, a set of products, featured at this year’s Enterprise Connect. Ritz walks us through the products with one big theme: that Jabra can take care of the different environments, settings, verticals and special challenges that enterprises face as they turn to what they require in contemporary end points in a hybrid work environment.

Speak2 75

Jabra Speak2 75 is equipped with a custom-designed Microphone Quality Indicator that shows users if their voice is being picked up. The device is Bluetooth enabled, for mobility. With four microphones, and advanced noise cancelling technologies, the Speak 2 75 was used for this podcast in a noisy show hallway, with very good results. For Apple users, the unit comes with a built-in dongle, meaning enterprise buyers can know that the unit will be compatible across the organization. Speak2 75 is Teams ready and works with legacy and cloud platforms.

Jabra Evolve2 65 Headsets: fold-and-go design

Reflecting the challenges of hybrid work environments and the need today to often carry a device from one place to another, Michelle discusses the fold-and-go design of the Jabra Evolve2 65. “People are taking calls form different places, so they need something that’s easy to pack, that’s also comfortable,” adds Michelle, noting that the device uses light materials and is designed not to put pressure on a person’s ears. “And the best part is we’re not sacrificing features,” such as advanced noise cancellation.

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