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Leading Cloud Communications Providers Sign On with Voxbone for Emergency Calling across Europe via VoxOUT

August 27, 2013
Leading Cloud Communications Providers Sign On with Voxbone for Emergency Calling across Europe via VoxOUT

8×8, OneStream Networks and other VoIP-based communications service providers ensure regulatory compliance with Voxbone’s unique multi-country solution for 112 calling

BRUSSELS – August 27, 2013 – Voxbone today announced that several U.S.-based cloud-communications services providers are using VoxOUT, the first wholesale service that supports telephone access to emergency services in multiple European countries from a single IP-based interconnection. VoxOUT is now available for 10 European countries.
Voxbone announced at ITEXPO — which begins today in Las Vegas — that 8×8, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGHT), OneStream Networks and a number of other high-profile providers of cloud communications, SIP trunking and Cloud PBX services have signed on to use VoxOUT to offer their customers the ability to dial emergency numbers.
Launched in January, VoxOUT enables providers’ customers to comply with regulatory requirements for dialing calls to Europe’s 112 and other local emergency number in countries where they otherwise have no telecommunications network infrastructure.
The unique service helps customers avoid the cost and complexity of alternatives for providing emergency-calling in Europe, which require interconnecting with a local telco in each country or managing a local VoIP-to-PSTN gateway at every customer location.
“As VoIP services become increasingly popular, regulators are becoming stricter regarding VoIP service providers’ compliance with telecommunication regulations,” says Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld.   “Moreover, the absence of the ability to call the local emergency service is a showstopper for many enterprises considering migrating to VoIP-based telecommunications. Therefore, cloud communications providers wanting to expand their services internationally need a cost-effective solution for multi-national emergency calling.
“VoxOUT, combined with powerful IP-based communications applications and traditional voice-termination services for local calls to regular phone numbers, enables cloud providers to offer communications services that are superior to old-style telephony at all levels,” he said.
VoxOUT is available as an add-on to Voxbone’s VoxDID service, which offers global service providers local geographical telephone numbers and call capacity from more than 5,000 cities in 50-plus countries. VoxOUT is priced at a flat, highly competitive rate that costs significantly less than other emergency-calling options.
When a Voxbone customer’s subscriber calls an emergency number, Voxbone connects the call via the PSTN to the closest emergency service center. This process is completed in seconds and works with any SIP-compatible service platform.
The service is available for United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.    Availability of the service for Netherlands, Finland, Italy, United States and Canada is planned later on this year.
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