Working with Law enforcement to catch the bad guys

(Life-saving case Studies)

Speaker: Steve Bock

Online Virtual Meeting

July 29, 12pm Eastern US Time

When people hear terms like CALEA, wiretapping, subpoena or production records compliance, they tend to fall back on several misconceived notions about these topics.

These investigative tools are playing very important roles in saving lives. It’s a Public Safety issue.

This session will use several real case studies from well-known law enforcement cases, to discuss how compliance with legal demand requests from law enforcement agencies makes a real difference in saving lives.

With over 30 years of experience, Steve has held various senior positions at telecommunications companies including Qwest, Convergent Communications, IP Services and ADC.

Subsentio, focuses on Lawful Intercept solutions for telecommunication service providers. Subsentio’s mission is to help law enforcement catch the bad guys.



Steve Bock

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