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CCA Member & non-member event the day before the Cloud Comms Summit-London

4 March, 2020

We invite members and non-members to meet with us in London, within sight of Big Ben and Parliment, for our annual Cloud Communications meeting at the London Cloud Comms Summit.  We welcome friends, old and new to this one of a kind conference for hosted communications and managed services provides, financial and technology partners and all with a stake in “the Cloud.”

The event will start on 4 March at 12:00 Noon with lunch and registration followed by a day of meetings and conclude with a dinner in the grand circa 1868 Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors building.

5 March 2020

The next day the Cloud Comms Summit London begins.

Agenda 4 March

12:00 PM Lunch and Registration
1:00 PM Introductions
1:30 PM

The CCA Vision- Clark Peterson, CCA

In 2020 we will begin to see ubiquitous and mobile IP voice and data technologies unleash a transformation of services that allow customers to communicate how they want and where they want.  Self serve mobile portals with auto-provisioning and more robust communication mediums like WebRTC, IoT and CPaaS API’s, will create demand from a whole new market of customers and change distribution as simpler on-boarding creates digital fulfillment virtual marketplaces for customers to buy and enable their cloud communications solutions on their own. 

2:00 PM

The Mobile Challenge: The Opportunities & Realities of 5G featuring “Disruptive Dean Bubley”

This session drills into the potential for 5G networks and applications, and where it fits alongside the rest of the mobile, cloud and networking universe. What are the realistic timelines and phases for its adoption  and what will be the hidden challenges, such as getting good indoor coverage? Will 5G be driven solely by the normal mobile operators, or will private networks deployed by enterprises themselves change the game?

2:45 PM

Government Affairs effecting the Cloud-  Matt McDermott, Access Partnership

While the telecoms industry has innovated and developed new solutions for 21st century users, the approach of policy makers remains routed in the 20th century. This session will look at what regulatory and policy challenges to expect in 2020, and how they could impact your business. 

3:15 PM Break
3:45 PM “Mobile”-  A panel on mobility in the Cloud- Matt Townend, Cavell Group
4:30 PM

Innovation & Collaboration- Rick Sulman, SpeakUp

The OpenVoip Alliance is committed to the adoption of open source and open standards in the Voip industry. We are a number of companies that work together and exchange knowledge in this area. The OpenVoip Alliance started in 2019 and will expand in 2020 and is looking for companies that want to help spread the message and take initiatives to adopt open standards and open source in the industry.

With that goal in mind, the OVA joined the CCA in January of this year. We will, as a group join the CCA Innovation Committee. This will benefit all CCA Members who want to participate in open source, open standards and collaboration because as CCA Members, they are welcome to join the Committee. This will also benefit the OVA members who turnover under 10 million Euro a year, because they will now become CCA Members through OVA.  

5:15 PM

Best Practices- Anand Buch, Netsapiens & Clark Peterson, CCA

Cloud Communications anytime, anyplace, from any platform, to any device becomes the norm.  With transformational changes happening on the wireless delivery ecosystems, the solutions that can be offered to a broader market universe will change dramatically.  With future ubiquitous ultra high-speed internet access everywhere via cellular 5G and Satellite the end user solutions become limitless.  From IoT, to VoIP over cellular data channels, to CPaaS, to mobile app-based on-demand micro services, the future will look much different than today.  Knowing it’s coming, how do solution providers opportunistically position themselves for the future? 

6:00 PM Cocktail Reception
7:00 PM Dinner
March 5 9:00-6:30 PM


March 5 9:00 to 6:30 PM Cavell Cloud Comms Summit at the QEII London

09:20 Changing Competition

09:50 Future Workplace – Changing Workforce

10:30 Future Workplace – Enterprise Insights

11:00 Industry Vision Keynote

11:15 Coffee Break

11:35 Reimagined Supply Chain

12:10 Industry Vision Keynote

12:25 How to serve changing customer demands

13:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Sessions Regulatory & Commercial Track

14:00 Cloud Networking/SD-WAN Keynote Presentation

14:00 Reimagined Supply Chain

14:15 Future Platforms -Where is the Innovation coming from?

14:50 Industry Vision – Future Workplace

15:00 Coffee Break

15:20 Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association Session

15:20 Tech Futures – Mobile and 5G

15:50 Future of Customer Engagement: CPaaS and APIs

16:20 Changing role of contact centre in enterprise communications

17:00 M&A Growth in a Consolidating Market

17:30 Networking Drinks

Dean Bubley

Dean Bubley

Disruptive Analysis

Clark Peterson

Clark Peterson

Cloud Communications Alliance

Matthew Townend

Matthew Townend

Cavell Group

Matthew McDermott

Matthew McDermott

Access Partnership

Anand Buch

Anand Buch


Joseph Marion

Joseph Marion

Cloud Communications Alliance

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