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HoduSoft Pvt Ltd

HoduSoft has been a market leader in the UC space, consistently offering quality business communication software. Its comprehensive product suite helps enterprises deploy effective solutions for every business communication requirement, irrespective of their size.

  • HoduCC – Contact Center Software, is an omnichannel approach to building connections across various communication channels, creating satisfactory experiences for the modern customer with your future business needs in mind.
  • HoduCC – Call Center Software is a modern call center system with auto dialing and the latest calling and analytics tools.
  • HoduSoft’s IP PBX software, HoduPBX, facilitates advanced internet telephony, reducing phone bills and providing reliable and high-quality calls for uninterrupted connection and sharing.
  • HoduBlast, a voice and SMS broadcasting software is the ultimate medium to increase a business’ reach in a few clicks.

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