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Merging UCaaS & CCaaS Industry trends, Crexendo Podcast

October 21, 2022

UC & CC blurring at a rapid pace, Crexendo offers a company store to help customers navigate the new environment

“What can we do to help our businesses who have invested in our platform, really be successful,” asks John Brinton of Crexendo. As customers need and demand blended solutions, UCaaS companies need to offer their services in a dynamic way that combines choice, simplicity, and effectiveness. In this podcast, Brinton gives us a look at the Company Store approach that his company has built, which enables the partners to find and match up solutions, and where the partners themselves can replicate the model and offer a Company Store of their own.

Brinton discusses Crexendo’s approach in the context of an industry where old definitions, technologies and offerings are becoming blurred. We learn about how these changes are playing out at the agent level and how Crexendo is helping the agent to meet customer needs, including the idea of delivering a rich set of tools that empower agents to be successful, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.



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