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Marketing the Cloud- a CCA Members only meeting

Miami plays host to the next CCA Member Meeting.  We have a full educational day followed by a networking dinner in a unique setting.

This CCA meeting is the ideal opportunity to keep abreast of industry trends while rubbing shoulders with an international collection of communications industry peers.

This year we pay extra attention marketing the Cloud.  



February 11, 2020


9:00 AM Breakfast and Registration- Sponsored by Polycom
10:00 AM Introductions
10:30 AM New Members Introductions- Joe Marion
11:00 AM

CCA Vision for 2020- Clark Peterson

2020 is forming up to be one of the most transformative years ever in communications. As we see new cloud entrants with Zoom Phone, Google Voice, Amazon Chime Business Calling and AWS Voice Connector along with CCaaS disruptors like Salesforce’s Service Cloud Voice using Amazon Connect and the Avaya partnership with Ring Central as well as the single proprietary stack abilities of a Vonage for UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS integrated solutions.  How will the existing, more experienced Cloud Communications players position themselves to have their message resonate with customers amidst all of the new activities in the market.  2020 will be a decisive year in choosing the winning Cloud Communications strategic path. 

11:30 AM

Ring-Avaya – Disrupting the Cloud Prem Future- Curtis Peterson, Ring Central

12:00 PM Cavell Cloud Comms Market Research
12:30 PM Lunch- Sponsored by 2600Hz
1:45 PM Panel – Overview of the M&A Landscape in the Cloud Services Market- Andrew Gaffney, Q Advisors
M&A activity in the cloud market remains robust, driven by continued strong consolidation activity from both strategic acquirors and private equity investors.  This panel will provide a diverse set of viewpoints on the state of the M&A market, key trends impacting valuations, and expectations for future drivers of M&A activity within the cloud and managed services sector.
2:30 PM

Government Affairs Effecting the Cloud- Mark Iannuzzi, Telnet

Regulatory conditions in any industry can be disruptive in a good or bad manner, depending on your business model and abilities to adapt. This past year in telecommunications we have seen a dramatic array of new policy that directly impact competitive services providers. For 2020, telecommunications providers will need to address critical new laws, regulations and policy. This session will examine the top regulatory changes and provide guidance as to what you must do to compile and how it could shape the competitive landscape.  

3:30 PM Break
3:30 PM

Marketing the Cloud- Angela Leavitt, Mojo Marketing

Competition in the cloud industry is fierce and will continue to increase throughout 2020. Never has it been more important for brands to differentiate, implement effective technologies, and align their sales and marketing strategies. This session will explore 2020’s top marketing trends and how cloud companies can implement them effectively. 

4:00 PM

Cloud Marketing Success- Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva

Nextiva continues to disrupt business communication. Hear Yaniv talk about how marketing plays a key role. 

4:30 PM

SD-WAN: Required vs Optional add-on- David Zahn, TPx

In this session, we will discuss different SD-WAN offer strategies for UCaaS providers and the associated advantages and disadvantages of each.  When should SD-WAN be required vs offering as an optional add-on?  How should UCaaS providers balance the clear benefits vs the risks of losing sales?  How important is it for the UCaaS provider to provide the SD-WAN service vs simply directing the customer to a separate SD-WAN provider?   

5:00 PM

Best Marketing Practices in the Cloud- Angela Leavitt, Mojo Marketing & Clark Peterson, CCA

A rare opportunity to hear directly from peers at the top leadership positions in the industry on ideas that have helped them advance their cloud business.  The Best Practices Sharing session is always a highlight of the overall event and at this event we will focus on marketing and the best ideas that help providers and vendors get their message out in a targeted way despite all of the other noise in the market.  Should be another can’t miss session!

6:30 PM

Cocktails and Dinner- 

Dinner Speaker- Dave Cuthbert, Global Imprint

Driving initiatives that have a high significant impact and return for your company

Often “doing the right thing” and “doing what is right for your business” align. After graduating the US Naval Academy and serving as a Navel Special Operations Officer, David became CEO of a Alteva, a founding member of the Cloud Communications Alliance. In 2014 when Alteva was sold he became CEO of Wine to Water, a non-profit organization that brings clean water to communities in need around the world. David will share his life altering experience prior to dinner on February 11th and will bring into focus why being socially responsible is good business.





Clark Peterson

Clark Peterson

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Mark Iannuzzi


Yaniv Masjedi

Yaniv Masjedi


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Joseph Marion

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Andrew Gaffney

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David Zahn


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Angela Leavitt

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David Cuthbert

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