NetSocket Announces Cloud Experience Manager

June 18, 2012
NetSocket Announces Cloud Experience Manager

First complete solution to ensure the quality of dynamic cloud services

PLANO, Texas — June 18, 2012 – NetSocket, the leading innovator of real-time cloud service assurance technology, today announced the Cloud Experience Manager™ (CEM), a revolutionary IP assurance solution for managing the end-user experience in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Cloud Experience Manager is the first complete solution to anticipate, isolate and remediate problems with dynamic voice, video and data services without using intrusive probes throughout the network. CEM offers a comprehensive view of session, content and network quality on a hop-by-hop basis, delivering immediate insight into network issues.
In one console screen, CEM empowers network managers to anticipate, isolate and remediate network issues within unified communications environments before they become end-user problems:

  • Anticipate — Deliver proactive service management by foreseeing abnormalities in the customer experience on each call, video session and data session; obtaining historical, current and predictive views of the network status; and capturing performance, quality analytics and trending.
  • Isolate — Get a single, comprehensive view across multiple vendors and topologies that scales to fit any size network; capture and correlate the user experience in real time to the session, content and IP topology; and obtain service validation and forensic data for localizing the root cause of issues.
  • Remediate — Generate granular data to enable rapid repair and implement best practices and resolution scripts, ensuring effective management of service level agreements.

“With cloud environments carrying more and more of the world’s voice, video and data, the complexities of ensuring a trouble-free end-user experience have grown dramatically. This has opened the door for an innovative solution specifically focused on reliably ensuring the delivery of real-time, interactive cloud services,” said John White, CEO, NetSocket. “Cloud Experience Manager is that solution, and it has the unique ability to anticipate issues before they happen, saving time and resources.”
Customer Reaction
“NetSocket’s real-time software assurance solution is playing a critical role in ensuring the quality of collaboration and communication services offered through our cloud computing services,” said Stephen Webster, president and CEO of Houston-based StratITsphere. “As an end user and provider of this service to our customers, we can achieve per-session visibility into the service quality of multivendor cloud communications, something which no other cloud computing service currently offers.”
Industry Validation
“NetSocket’s Cloud Experience Manager takes a different approach to cloud service assurance by offering real-time cloud service visibility from the end-user perspective,” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “By providing multilayered session data and correlating network events to find and address issues before they impact users, CEM offers a comprehensive solution for understanding and ensuring the quality of the user experience.”
“NetSocket takes a uniquely proactive approach to addressing network issues within cloud environments,” said Bojan Simic, president and principal analyst, TRAC Research. “By developing a solution that correlates multiple levels of the network stack across multiple vendors’ solutions, NetSocket can rapidly find the proverbial needle in the haystack that causes service issues for cloud users. Both enterprises and managed service providers should consider the NetSocket Cloud Experience Manager for streamlining the complexity and cost of identifying and resolving cloud service quality issues.”
NetSocket offers Cloud Experience Manager in an industry-standard appliance as well as a Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for low-cost entry. CEM is easily integrated, leveraging existing infrastructure investments, and does not require traditional probes. Cloud Experience Manager is available from NetSocket and through its partners, which include Avaya, Cisco, JDSU and CSC.
NetSocket is the leading innovator of real-time cloud service assurance technology. NetSocket’s Cloud Experience Manager™ delivers immediate insight into cloud networks, providing complete service visibility. It enables network managers to anticipate, isolate and remediate IP service issues before they become end-user problems. Powered by its IP Correlation Engine™ (ICE), NetSocket’s solution automatically provides a comprehensive view of content, session and IP topology on a hop-by-hop basis. ICE captures and correlates network behavior in real time on any size network and across multiple vendors. NetSocket provides a trouble-free cloud experience, ensuring higher session quality and lower support costs.

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