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Office in a box, HP/Poly offers Crexendo ecosystem partners a deep portfolio of products delivering consistent experiences in all the places hybrid workers, work, Podcast

October 18, 2023

“Imagine office in a box,” says Dave Finney Director, Global Alliances at HP/Poly. When HP set out to offer a complete solution set for the new hybrid worker, who better than Poly, to match HP’s product set with two more storied brands, bringing with them end points, conference devices, microphones, headsets, and presence that stretches from landing on the moon to putting on innumerable conference table the famed ‘Poly’. In this podcast, Dave connects HP/Poly’s vision of what work environments look like today and the Crexendo ecosystem of the NetSapiens platform. Partners selling Crexendo will find in HP/Poly a place to deliver on customer expectations, whether in a conference room, audio conferencing, video conferencing, working remote and more. Dave also discusses how HP/Poly can help partners win by offering more and better video.



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