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Peerless Network Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams creates path for enterprise users, Podcast

August 25, 2022

Wholistic is the word Maurie Munro uses to describe how Peerless Network Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams brings simplification and accountability to create a Tier One, end to end solution. “Now we can offer this to the enterprise customers,” adds Munro. Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams provides deeper integration into the Teams platform to enhance and streamline the Teams Phone experience around networking, provisioning, management, and reporting APIs. Doing this provides customers a simplified Teams Phone experience delivered by operators that has parity with Microsoft offerings.

The more optimal use of Teams means better calling experiences. “Buying direct is very attractive,” says Maurie, adding that Peerless sees Operator Connect as a way for customers to leverage strong choices in the market. Jim Brewer, EVP of Products and Technology at Peerless, adds, “This is just the first,” as he outlines that more announcements are in the works as the company continues to build choice and simplicity into the complex journey enterprises are now navigating.



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