Kevin Bartnicki, Director of Sales at 2600Hz gives Don Witt, of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, some insight into the world of White Label. It is a world where redundancy is mandatory and outages must never occur.

Kevin Bartnicki

Delivering network resilience allows their organization to focus on enhancements as well as transitions to evolving new technology.

Their Class 5 server called Kazoo is deployed in one of three ways:

  • Shared hosted
  • Private cloud solution
  • Global infrastructure

Key differentiators from the competition includes: first the 2600Hz front end monster User Interface portal delivering the ease of use to the consumer.  The second major distinction is the API which allows the user to integrate communication solutions into every aspect of their electronic business including spread sheets, websites, call support centers and more. This is over and above the core group of applications that are included to run a normal business. For example, a bulk upload tool that provides for large scale provisioning. Two factor authorization is also supported.

Ten years ago, 2600Hz co-founders Darren Schreiber and Patrick Sullivan saw a discrepancy in the telecom industry: large scale carrier grade solutions that could handle heavy volumes didn’t offer flexibility, and open source single-server solutions weren’t designed for scale.

The platform, Kazoo, is a cloud unified communications software that allows users to take control of their phone system through a full suite of applications. Using the sleek interface, users can create, edit and manage phone systems without being telecom experts. Kazoo also makes it easy for developers to create telecom applications with open access to Kazoo APIs. Whether it be voice, mobile, video, fax or SMS, 2600Hz simplifies and opens the cryptic black box of telecom.

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