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Podcast: Andy Abramson says build the legend of you

June 26, 2020

When you say the word branding or brand, a word picture might appear in your mind of an iconic logo. The FedEx logo with the arrow or that famous, “when is absolutely, positively must be there…” slogan that went with the logo. Andy Abramson thinks that contemporary branding is different in at least two fundamental ways: it’s much more than an icon and a logo, and it’s much more personal. In this podcast, Abramson urges listeners to build what he calls “the legend of you”. Your online reputation, your in-person reputation, the way people see your work, and the way you reply to an email are now a part of a whole cluster of things that brands you, brands your business and/or brands your professional reputation. In an economy where we are socially distanced from bosses or customers, all of this has taken on a new urgency. Abramson walks us through what is imperative and explains how anyone can get started and needs to get started.

Visit to learn more about Andy Abramson and visit where Andy serves as CMO.


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