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Podcast: Automation and PBX Migration: What you need to know. Univonix Podcast Series, Part II

October 14, 2020

PBX migration. You can do it yourself. Benny Ben-Ami, CTO of Univonix makes the case that using a tool such as Univonix is a better choice. In this podcast Ben-Ami argues for a use of cutting-edge automation tech to streamline and accelerate the migration from on-prem to the cloud. Ben-Ami argues that an automated approach improves accuracy, cuts costs and ultimately delivers a better user experience. Bad cutovers can be disasters, leaving upset employees, unhappy customers, lost time and a lack of confidence in the IT management’s UC plan. Automation means more time for the UC teams to stay on top of the whole project, resulting in better planning and better execution. Univonix offers a PBX Analyzer, PBX Assessment, Planner and Migrate tool that pulls together information, streamlines the process and lands the enterprise where it needs to be at the end of the migration journey.



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