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Podcast: “Cloud Enabled” vs. “Cloud Native”: Why It Matters

June 10, 2020

“We’ve been cloud native from the very beginning”, says Bob Norberg, CMO of Cloud Age Solutions. Over the last two years, Cloud Age has built and launched a cloud native SaaS platform called gpxcloud. In this podcast, Norberg describes in detail why cloud native is a better approach for data centers. With cloud native, “…You still have the centralized infrastructure but you gain automation like automated scalability. Infrastructure automation at scale eliminates downtime due to human error,” says Norberg. According to Norberg cloud native delivers, “…the best performance, reliability, availability, scalability and future proofing.” Norberg points out an IDC report that says that 90% of all new software applications will be developed from the ground up as cloud native software. We learn that gpxcloud offers channel partners and consultants to their customers visibility into and ongoing management of their telecom services.



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