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Podcast: CoreDial aims for video market with eZuce acquisition

September 17, 2020

According to CoreDial’s CEO Alan Rihm, in a matter of months, “… video has gone from something nice to have to something I need to have.” In this podcast, Rihm outlines how CoreDial’s acquisition of eZuce represents CoreDial’s determination to offer a unique video experience that was “born in the cloud” and that completely integrates with CoreDial’s broader vision of Unified Communications. eZuce’s solution, Vibe addresses a complete range of customer needs, including on-demand, scheduled and recurring free and paid meetings, virtual rooms, large webinars, and communities. Integrated huddle and conference room solutions are available today utilizing a wide range of 3rd party hardware products, and pre-integrated hardware offerings are planned. Rihm notes that when some or all these things are available on other platforms, Vibe pulls them together in a way that also offers simplicity of use and offers users the ability to create a virtual presence for themselves that contributes to greater collaboration. Notably, CoreDial is not only viewing the acquisition of the technology as a major advance, but also the pick-up of their dealer network and the strong eZuce team who created company with video in is DNA.


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