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Podcast: CPaaS and the impact for service providers

February 11, 2019

“The enterprises need a more customized solution,” says Sullivan. Last week, Patrick Sullivan, COO, 2600HZ made a presentation at the Cloud Communications Alliance on CPaaS and the impact on service providers. In this podcast, Sullivan gives us a sample of his presentation. Sullivan argues that offering a non-customized solution will likely fail to meet contemporary enterprise needs and demands. “The enterprise doesn’t just need a phone system, what they need is a whole suite of communications (including) messaging, SMS…”. According to Sullivan, partners need to offer PBX functionality plus a whole solution for the balance of communications occurring by other means. “Selling a solution,” says Sullivan verse the old school method of selling a system, is the say forward. Sullivan also reports that the CCA conference offers “best practices” information that is hard to find from other sources or events. Sullivan notes that the collaboration between services providers, at the CCA, is leading to stronger and better industry.



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