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Podcast: Glickman sees opportunities for service providers in collaboration and security

June 13, 2019

Unified collaboration and cloud enabled security offers are among the opportunities Michael Glickman, SVP, Cisco Global Service Provider, sees as important growth areas for the service provider community. In this podcast, Glickman offers the example of Telecom Italia, who had been experiencing customers calling with disrupted services, where hackers had actually caused the service interruptions. Cisco provided a product called Umbrella, which Telecom Italia offered as a two Euro per month opt out service. Glickman reports that the company experienced less than 1% churn and discovered that a necessary security service can also be a revenue opportunity. We learn about new SaaS offers from Cisco and how the subscription model means revenue for service providers and channels. We also learn how these changes are freeing up resources at the enterprise level, handing complexity to the service provider community. Glickman also discusses wireless and mobile opportunities, as the market sees new applications for IoT. Glickman also dives into the issue of MSPs and policy as a new added value offering.



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