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Podcast: Improve your data analysis velocity with automation

December 21, 2020

Faster is Better: The Need to Automate Data Analysis

“We used to struggle with the lack of data,” says Bob Norberg, CMO of Cloud Age Solutions. “Now we struggle with “too much” data. We have too much data but still lack the information to make a decision.” In this podcast we explore the paradox of having an abundance of information to use but being paralyzed by either the sheer volume of data or by the challenge of organizing it effectively. Since companies have finite resources to dedicate to this challenge, and since the information itself, is deigned to make an organization’s path better, not more disabled, a better way must be found to manage the task. Norberg takes us through available options, and discusses the concept that automation provides velocity in decision making. We learn about how automating the basics is a part of the picture. Norberg discusses how his company’s gpxcloud offering pulls the pieces together.



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