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Podcast: It All Starts with Good Data

November 16, 2020

The Cloud Age Solutions Podcast Series Continues

Bob Norberg, the CMO of Cloud Age Solutions reports that IBM estimates that poor quality data might be costing the US economy $3.1 trillion, an amount that is roughly equal to the economy of France. An article in Harvard Business Review estimated that highly paid “knowledge workers” waste 50%-60% of their time hunting for data, correcting errors and cleaning data. To make matters worse, cleaning up data from the blizzard of information available, can cost more than outweigh the savings. Flawed data is more than an inconvenience. Misleading information can lead to flawed public policies and other action that can cause real harm. In this podcast Norberg describes viable options utilizing automating data collection, translation and standardization, deep expertise in telecom products and services.

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