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Podcast: Locking it down during the lockdown, making Secure Payments

February 19, 2021

Earlier this month, BroadSource announced that BroadSource and IPSI are working together to deliver PCI-DSS compliant solutions for all agents, including those at-home during the COVID-19 pandemic. BroadSource and IPSI have worked together since 2017 to deliver Voice Self-Service and Agent Assisted payment applications requiring PCI-DSS compliance through DTMF clamping. In this special podcast for TR Publications and the Cloud Communications Alliance, Jason Thals of BroadSource walks us through the heightened risk of a breach from WFO and how BroadSource is working to address that challenge. We learn about the risks, the regulatory issues, consequences, and the remedies BroadSource offers. Indeed, the challenge could represent a significant opportunity to help customers become secure and help partners to sell a vital service.


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