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Podcast: Number Masking Emerges as Enterprise Need, Channel Opportunity

June 24, 2020

As 5G continues to emerge as the way mobility carriers deliver services, personal devices will continue to make their journey deeper into the core communication regime of the enterprise. In this podcast we learn about number masking. According to Telestax, “Number Masking is the ability to ensure customers and businesses can make phone calls and send messages without exposing personal phone numbers.” Kevin Nethercott, Chief Commercial Officer and Veena Vadgama, Vice President Marketing of Telestax, discuss the number masking story and opportunity. We learn how the pandemic has impacted how organizations use CPaaS applications and the many ways number masking has become important to more organizations as so many firms have associates using their own devices to communicate with the outside world. We learn how number masking is critical to service providers and we get an understanding of how Telestax is working to enable their partners to explain and sell the service.



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