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Podcast: Poly sees long-term shift in work culture, rolls out hybrid working approach

July 22, 2020

“Hybrid working is here to stay,” says Darrius Jones, Poly’s Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer and interim Chief Marketing Officer. This week, Poly released a detailed report that shows that the shift to a distributed workforce model might be more than provisional. In this podcast, Jones discusses how Poly sees a long-term and lasting shift in work culture and practice. Jones outlines how businesses are already adopting an approach that combines days at home with days at an office in a new model. We learn that this hybrid model goes beyond multiple places to preform work, to changing the way we think about location and purpose. Jones describes the importance of introducing professional grade gear to all the spaces where work may occur, be it home office, office building, alternative locations and travel. Jones makes the case that Poly’s attention to noise management both for the user and others on the call, session or meeting, is part of the things people should be doing to step up the quality of call and video they are delivering. We learn that along with evolving product offering for multiple spaces and uses, Poly is working to offer accessibility through programs such as HaaS (hardware as a service), designed to overcome financial hurdles to migration.



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