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Podcast: This is Masergy 3.0

July 23, 2020

“This is Masergy 3.0,” says Masergy’s Chief Marketing Officer Becky Carr. In this podcast Carr joins Terry Traina, Masergy’s Chief Technology Officer in a special podcast from the Cloud Communications Alliance and TR Publications as we learn about new offerings and a new point of view from Masergy on SD-WAN. Traina walks us through this week’s announcements: Masergy’s next generation SD-WAN, key elements of Masergy’s portfolio launch and a new approach to service level agreements. Carr discusses how Masergy’s plans to go to market with these new offerings through a new partner program. We hear about new opportunities and new user needs. Carr and Traina discuss how Masergy closely monitors customer and channel needs and remarks, and how the company’s new SD-WAN, updated portfolio, and new service level agreements are driven by customer and channel needs.



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