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Podcast: Univonix offers automated path to migration

September 14, 2020

“Basically, we are migration experts,” says Yossi Sharon, CEO of Univonix. “Univonix facilitates full visibility, analysis and reporting of the customer’s legacy PBX and provides a complete set of planning and provisioning tools to assure a successful and rapid migration project,” adds Sharon. In this podcast we learn how this SaaS platform enables seamless automated migration from legacy PBX to cloud PBX. Sharon discusses that for the end user, migration is a one-time, one-way journey. Meanwhile, Univonix not only brings automation to the process but its accumulated knowledge of doing multiple times before. According to Sharon, a smooth, uneventful migration it critical. The customer endured minimal disruption, the customer’s workforce might see few changes, and retain functionality that their team might be used to. Sharon describes how his tool takes the place of an almost handmade process that can occupy precious labor time and deliver less satisfactory results. Good migrations are critical to retaining customers, and automation contributes to better margins.



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