CCA Vendor News expands offerings to support efficient revenue growth and modernization for CSPs, Podcast

June 13, 2022

“CSPs are going to have to streamline processes and really remove a lot of single points of failure from their operation,” says Patrick Elliott, VP of Marketing at Reflecting on trends in the challenging cloud market of commoditization, labor shortages, disrupted industries (at the customer level) and a new economic landscape.  As the era of customers placing huge orders as they scramble to the cloud (and remote), sunsets, CSPs will have to become more proactive and more agile in their approach to the market. In this podcast we learn about approach to billing and how billing represents an opportunity to improve internal resource management, and up the game with clients. We also learn how there are growth opportunities and hoe’s acquisition of Park Bench software and Odin software have expended Rev.oi’s ready to go portfolio of products that help CSPs achieve their growth goals.



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