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Selling business outcomes, Masergy Podcast

March 09, 2021

Selling business outcomes instead of by price, and other means, has emerged as the primary way the channel and MSP communities need to go to market, according to Masergy’s SVP Global Channels, Jim Glackin. In this podcast, Glackin discusses a dramatic change occurring in the market for communication services and how that impacts the front-line companies who sell or resell services to organizations of all sizes. Glackin walks us through how a year of Covid has impacted how businesses operate and what comes next. We learn about Masergy’s Zenith Program and what sets Masergy apart from others in the field. Glackin notes how Masergy offers automation and other advantages to help MSPs be in a better position to increase both the volume and profitability of their sales. He outlines the SD-WAN, SASE and opportunities for the partner community. Glackin sees an immense opening for the partner community as he believes that a wave of change is at its beginning. Partners that have felt that the market might be closing, are experiencing success at selling new technologies. Partners also need to make sound choices of the companies they source.



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