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SimpleVoIP focuses on multi-site enterprises as migration, new challenges face retail, restaurants and other distributed enterprise, Podcast

July 19, 2023

“Crawl, walk, run,” says Josh Robbins of SimpleVoIP. “We build everything through templates. Measure twice, cut once.” In this podcast Robbins discusses the methodical approach his company takes to deploying SimpleVoIP, by careful planning, beginning with a couple of sites out of many and then rolling out a consistent plan. SimpleVoIP specializes in enterprises with multiple sites. Today, these distributed organizations face challenges from migration of updating a company with multiple retail stores and other such business locations in other service industries such as restaurants. “We make it very easy for our customers, we make it easy for our partners.”

Elevators and POTS lines

We also learn that SimpleVoIP offers solutions for one of the year’s harder tests for firms with many legacy locations: POTS lines. City and county regulations have placed a POTS line in most elevators. There are other locations on every enterprise campus that have similar, rarely used, but must be operational lines. We learn how SimpleVoIP has an effective solution for that challenge as well.

SimpleVoIP is now a member of the Cloud Communication Alliance.



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