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Skyswitch reveals new opportunities for channel partner community

March 13, 2020

Despite this week’s Channel Partners conference postponement, SkySwitch revealed several new opportunities for the channel community. With focus on business continuity, in this podcast, SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson walks us through several examples of how his company is building more ways for MSPs to thrive.  Abramson discusses a “performance-based marketing program” where the first 25 SkySwitch resellers who garner sales of 250 Poly phones through the SkySwitch Store will receive their 2020 Vectors registration at no charge along with their choice of a premium Poly headset. Abramson outlines the addition of NTS to the SkySwitch distributor lineup, which in turn expands the number of products ready to sell. We learn about SkySwitch and Marketopia, a part of SkySwitch’s ongoing efforts to enhance MSP marketing tools. We also hear from Ben Macalindong, who tells us about the SkySwitch 3CX story, where MSPs can see more choices. Abramson also tells us about the SkySwitch Store.



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