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Soluno launches MyAcademy to accelerate growth and customer satisfaction

January 22, 2021

January 15, 2021 – Soluno, one of the leading UCaaS providers in Europe, announces the launch of MyAcademy, a new interactive learning platform.

The launch of MyAcademy is an important part of Soluno’s overall strategy. The UCaaS service provider is expanding in Europe with a Wholesale-first concept and is constantly working on innovation to stay at the forefront of a competitive market. MyAcademy makes it easier for partners to work with Soluno, while at the same time Soluno has the opportunity to offer faster distribution of new and relevant information to different channels. Soluno believes that an open mind for education will increase the opportunities of all parties.

All training programs are available free of charge. This is to provide partners with knowledge, best practice and competence development as Soluno intends to contribute to partners’ success and customer satisfaction.

“The launch of MyAcademy is another step in simplifying our industry. We want to help our partners rediscover the joy of learning. Knowledge and best practice are often critical reasons for winning more business and streamlining processes. Participants learn how to best use our products, in the shortest possible time. I am convinced that this platform will prove to be an invaluable resource for both partners and staff in the coming years, ”says Christian Hed, Marketing Manager at Soluno.

MyAcademy enables partners to familiarize themselves with Soluno’s product portfolio at their own pace and at a time of their choosing. Users get access to practical information and expert content, all clearly conveyed in an interactive online format, combined with traditional classroom sessions. In addition to detailed instructions and useful tips, users can easily search for topics and keywords.

Available to partners in February 2021

For the past eight months, Soluno has worked intensively to produce course catalogs that contain all of Soluno’s products and services. Soluno will also continue to develop, update and add new courses in the future. Partners will have access to relevant materials and specific courses tailored to their offerings and markets. Soluno’s recipe for success is based on a partner strategy that involves working with the most well-educated and progressive teams and partners in Europe. Partners will have access to the platform in February 2021.

About Soluno

Soluno is one of the leading UCaaS providers in Europe with over 200,000 users in the cloud. We drive the future of business communication by offering a mobile-first concept through Wholesalepartners in Europe. For more information about Soluno, visit

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